Hard candy

Hard candy filled with fruit cream or nut praline.

Caramel farcit d'avellana

Filled Candies

Hard filled candies with: almond praliné, hazelnut, coconut, coffee and fruit cream.


Some say they can help you breathe better or cure sore throat. We cannot assure that, but we guarantee that they will be really tasty!

Caramel balsàmic anís

Herbal Candy

Herbal candy made of natural flavours, extracts and honey. Customized compositions are available upon request.

Bloc balsàmic eucaliptus.

Herbal Blocks

Block-shaped candy with thyme, minth and eucalyptus flavour, liquorice and honey extract.

Caramel balsàmic de mel i pròpolis

Honey Propolis, with sugar and sugar-free

Candy with natural propolis. Available with 20% of honey and sugar-free.

Caramel Piropos


Piropos are Pifarré's signature product. Candy with an almond brittle heart, produced since the mid-twentieth century. Piropos have...

Rocks description

Rocks Flors

Rocks Candy

Rocks are hard, acid, traditional and are created through a semi-traditional process. Melted candy blocks are put together manually...